Monday, 16 June 2014

Aloe Camperi

I took these pictures of Aloe Camperi blooms in Jardin Botanique in Genève (Botanical Garden in Geneva) I just thought that these yellow-orange flowers are extremely beautiful!

There are 500 species of Aloes in the world, they are flowering succulents that usually are hard to kill plants and are native to Africa!
Which means that a beginner can start with getting an Aloe and taking care of it without killing it. Aloe Vera is probably the most popular kind of Aloes, the plant stores water in it's fleshy leaves, stems and roots which helps it survive in the hot areas.

Aloes are native to Southern Africa, Jordan, and Madagascar. 
Aloes are usually grown by succulent enthusiasts and are used for decoration, but they are also used for medical uses and can be used to make some special kind of soaps, also in moisturising creams, and in medicine for first aid.

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