Saturday, 23 August 2014

August: New plants (a bonsai and 2 cacti)

So this weekend... Me, Mum, and my little niece Sophia went to loads of nurseries, we were basically looking for new little pots as we have loads of plants that need repotting (they are growing quickly and they need new bigger pots), so we ended up going to nurseries in Madaba, Amman, and Jerash! That's 3 different cities but I gotta say that we really enjoyed it as looking at different plants makes us very happy...

This is what we ended up buying to add to our collection...

Ficus Bonsai

In fact, this is my first bonsai. I really like this beautiful Japanese art but I never owned a Bonsai tree. After doing a little bit of research on the internet, this is what I learned about this wonderful plant:
Ficus or fig bonsai is tremendously popular bonsai tree, it's a fast grower, easy to grow, it prefers bright sunlight, watering should be regular (daily or even twice a day but this depends on where you live). I will be repotting this tomorrow to a bonsai sort of pot but the pot shouldn't be too shallow so it does not dry too fast.

Ferocactus Latispinus
Commonly named as barrel cactus. This cactus is native to Mexico, it has very interesting spikes that can grow and reach up to 5cm they are usually red or yellow. This cactus produces yellow or purple flowers at an early age. Needs very draining soil, do not wet the plant while in the sunlight as this can cause burning and this can lead to scars, fungal infections and loosing the plant. It needs full sun, Keep dry at 10c during winter. They are reproduced by seeds and that is the only way of reproducing for this cactus.

Parodia Leninghausii
This golden ball is a house plant, commonly known as lemon ball cactus, it produces silky yellow flowers (but it only blooms when mature and it then it will bloom more than once a year), needs full sun but hot summer sun should be avoided, if kept in the shade they will not flower and they will be more likely to rot. Repotting should be done every other year, and over potting will cause the unused compost to go stagnant and you may loose the plant, so be careful!

I am very excited about adding these plants to my beautiful collection, now let's hope that they will be happy living in my house!

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